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Born in Hong Kong the year before the 60s began, I spent all of my school years there (I remember watching amazed as the first flyover and

skyscraper were built) before moving to London to study Social Anthropoploy at the LSE. Taught by tutors and lecturers who

had  spent years immersed in the cultures of their chosen

tribes, I was itching to travel as soon as I had completed

my degree. In the late summer of 1980 I took off for India

with my first proper camera and           didn't leave for

fifteen months. Much of the time            I spent living

in just one village, Kishanpura                 in Rajasthan, 

a cycle ride away from the                        sacred lake

of Pushkar. I stayed with

the former Rajput headman,

then in his 90s, and his   

welcoming family. It was

there that I penned my

first travel story -

A Pilgrimage to the

Source of the 

River Ganges.


Smitten by wanderlust for the next

two decades, I kept returning to India as

well as Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and made

the overland trip to Tibet from Kathmandu soon after

the border first opened. I also travelled widely around

the provinces of southern and central China writing

about and photographing the cultures and homelands

of the fascinating ethnic minorities. Most of the

photographs on this website are from those Asian

travels including trips to Thailand and Burma.


My travel stories and photographs have been

published in numerous magazines including Marie

Claire, Raw Vision, Wanderlust, Travel & Leisure, Asia

magazine and The China Traveller; Hong Kong based newspapers

the South China Morning Post and the H.K.Standard; the inflight magazines of Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Thai

Airways, Korean Air, China Airlines and Dragonair; and the inhouse

magazines of the Peninsula and Holiday Inn hotels. My photographs

have featured on the cover of a number of these publications and are

sold worldwide through leading stock houses Getty Images, Rex

Features, Alamy and Shutterstock. I have held photography

exhibitions in London, Hong Kong and Brighton,

where I have lived for the last 28 years. 

The Eyes of Buddha
Brown Eyed Girl
Frying Crabs
Yangshuo Boatman
Chinese Smoker and Starlet
Buddhist Monk Cox's Bazar
Dadar Singh Rathore
Annapurna and the Fishtail
Kefalonian Clouds
Marble Buddha
Nepalese Boy
Silver Headdress
The Shard
Bowl of Noodles
Meditating Monk
Polzeath Bay
Nek Chand's Sculpture Garden
The Emptiness of Buddha
Rajasthani Women at Train Window
Multicoloured Royal Pavilion
Golden Sunset
Pushkar Camel Fair
Shekhavati Frescoes
Fishing Net
Brother & Sisters
Stilt Fisherman Sunset Silhouette
Xishuangbanna Market
Pushkar Panorama
Pushkar Fair
St Paul's at Night
Pushkar Lake at sunset.
Shekhavati Dome Frescoes
Dock Workers
Zhenyuan temple & river Final
Bangle Lady
Psychedelic Sea
Kavelier Girl
Tibetan Woman with Lollipop Final
Tree Silhouette
Cuckmere River & Valley
Street Beggar
Bangle Ladies
Little Dalit Boy
Staring Eyes
Poverty in Dignity
Springtime in Kefalonia
Hui'an Girl in Headdress
Pink & Cyan Pavilion
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